How to track and collect every visitor to your website So you can bring them back easily, and On demand

set it up easily in 15 minutes or less,

without face-planting on your keyboard in tech overwhelm.

RIGHT NOW : You could be losing money on the visitors that are "leaking" from your site

YOU NEED TO : Bring the world your gift and start getting a gushing torrent of payment notifications happily clogging up your inbox

WITHOUT : Feeling overwhelmed or upset at your hard-earned cash burning up on ads!

90% of site visitors click away without ever leaving their email address or buying anything (often without reading more than a few words on your page)...

And That's Why You Can't Afford To Waste Another Minute

Lost Traffic = Lost Income = Not being able to live life on your terms

You are losing your visitors...

... if you are losing your are losing sales...

Which means you are missing out on income that should be yours!

You are putting all your effort into getting people to your sales page, don't waste all that effort by losing them before they buy.

5 I-Have-No-Idea-How-To-Fix-THAT Tracking Code Disasters You Want to Avoid

  1. You've mashed up something you saw on YouTube and now your site won't load, you have no clue what to do to make it better and your tribe is trying to buy from you

  2. You buy what seems like a useful website stats tool that costs an arm and a leg, and then you have to pay every month, it's complicated and overwhelming so it ends up in the digital purgatory of shiny objects on your hard drive.

  3. Your blog post has unexpectedly gone viral and there are people clicking to your sales page, you don't know why they aren't buying and you know you are missing out because you put off adding that pixel thingy

  4. You know you need to put a Facebook pixel on your pages, but you are not sure if it is working, maybe there is more to do, but you are not sure and your hair is getting thinner just thinking about it

  5. You have 20 different javascripts and codes doing all kinds of what-not and you think you need it all, but it is slowing down your site and people are clicking away because they are waiting so long for your pages to load that their starbucks has gone cold

How I can help you

A bit about me:

Hi, I'm Samantha (you can call me Sam), I am Mum to two energetic boys, a wife, serial entrepreneur and a freedom seeker.

I live in Adelaide, Australia and whenever I get a chance, I love to travel with my family.

I love to help others to build their business foundations so they can live life on their own terms - freedom hearted and flexible.

My first online business was in 2000 - 17 years ago (yes, that was before Facebook, Youtube and WordPress!).

I have helped entrepreneurs to build their businesses online with monetisation and traffic strategies that work for them. I also help iron out any tech troubles to make your site and funnels run like well-oiled customer making machines.

I now want to help you.

I like to help with some of the inevitable challenges, those bumps in the online road that entrepreneurs (like you) face in the journey of building an online empire. I enjoy unraveling, streamlining and clarifying online tech and strategies so that you can finally get clear and get ahead.

I want to help your business create the passive income that it can, so that you can start living life with the freedom that is possible as an online entrepreneur.

With this Mini Course, I want to set up your foundations. I want to help you to get your site set up and working for you, so that all your hard work on your business doesn't go to waste. I want you to be able to capture every single opportunity to make sales from your website, so that you can build your dream business.


What People Say About Me and My Courses


Shannon Townsend

When I finally decided to get support around my website, I knew Samantha was the woman to do it. 

She'd already blown me away with how easily she explained WHY, I needed certain things set up so I'd be on the right track once traffic started hitting my site.  I know just enough about WordPress to be dangerous - it takes me forever to get anything done, I know enough to get easily turned around, and I'm pretty sure I do it all the hard way.  THEN, Samantha's genius showed up!  Her directions are crystal clear - full of graphics, easy to follow step-by-step process, and make this hardcore DIYer feel like a rockstar for getting so much done, so quickly. 

I know for a FACT, without Sam's help and support, I'd be missing out on traffic and ultimately money in my bank account. 


Lesley Martin

Sam is great at taking an overwhelming topic and breaking it down into digestible bits of information that make the whole topic easier to understand. Can't believe what I can see in my analytics. This will be really powerful for when I have my sales page ready!

You are minutes away from being able to track your visitors and bring them back on demand, so you can make sales like there is no tomorrow, and live your dream life and business

Introducing Traffic Reclaim Essentials

Traffic Reclaim Essentials, is a mini course which will guide you through - step by step - to get your website set up with all you need so that you can capture all your traffic and not miss any opportunity.

Traffic Reclaim Essentials mini course has to-the-point videos stepping you through each step of what you need to do, some of the steps include:

Just one tiny snippet of google code that will contain all your tracking magic.

Add your facebook pixel in approximately 3 clicks! Bring back your visitors whenever you like.

Set up Google Analytics on your site in 3 more clicks! Hello Sherlock!

Never lose your pesky codes again, like magic, everything will all be neatly contained in a tiny bit of google code.

No more plugins (they slow down your site)

No more messing with code on your website - just install once!

Kick that overwhelm to the curb - each video is just one step in the process, very short so you can always find what you need for each step.


Why You Must Act Now

The course is available for a teeny-tiny seriously-crazy low price right now - but this price can't last (it is subject to change at any time).

It's time you make tech your secret weapon and get crazy momentum that'll make your competitors wonder if you are hiring a $1000/hr business strategist to grow so fast!

Imagine This...

You're smiling with the warm sun on your face and the realisation that all is as it should be.

You are beginning to see some momentum in all the work that you have done. The business you dreamed of is suddenly a reality as you check your stats and your product sales are coming in! Yay!

You decide to take a nice warm bath and relax with a book, knowing that your website is working for you... and just because you can!

The Simplest Traffic Tracking System That Captures Every Visitor To Your Website .... So That You Can Bring Them Back AND Get Them To Buy Whenever You Decide To Launch

Traffic Reclaim Lab

Short, action-packed foolproof videos that show you what you need to do step-by-step - so you never feel lost again. You'll be all sorted within 15 mins by just following along and doing as I do.

Want in? Click This Button Now

Well yes, you could probably find some of these steps online if you trawled through masses of youtube videos and marketing courses - it cause you more headaches that it's worth, I want you to take the short cut, I'm going to show you the most efficient and fastest way (which won't slow down your website)!

Did I mention? This is a set and forget system - Just do it one time and reap the rewards forever.

You read it before - Don't let your competitors get ahead of you! With this system set up on your site, you won't have problems with pesky plugins that will slow your site down. PLUS, you will have all the tools to accelerate your sales exponentially - like a snowball speeding down a mountain!

I am offering this at a teeny tiny price right now, but this price won't last.

Click that button now, you'll be so happy you did!

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